Music for Sanctuary

Concerts in aid of homless charities


Created by violinist Anna Downes, Music for Sanctuary is a series of one-hour

concerts given by local musicians and groups.



The series is open to anyone who has a high quality programme to offer.



Artists range from:


• Professional recitalists willing to give their time for free

• Amateur groups

• Local choirs

• Music college students looking for performance opportunities

• School music departments


Music for Sanctuary has linked up with various performance venues and will liaise

with each artist/group to find the most suitable venue for your performance.

Music for Sanctuary will market your event digitally and provide front of house support as well as acting as the link contact with the venue and the charity.


If you are interested in offering an hour-long concert as part of the Music for Sanctuary series, please contact Anna Downes via messenger or email [email protected]